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The primary function of the Boxford Preservation Society is the preservation of the character, personality and culture of the Town of Boxford,

While there do exist other organizations in Boxford whose goal is the preservation of some aspect of the town, the Boxford Preservation Society has no ties to the city government, nor to any government body. As such, topics at Society meetings can be discussed which would certainly be deemed inappropriate for these other organizations to discuss. Other organizations include BTA/BOLT (Boxford Trails Association/Boxford Open Land Trust) and the Community Preservation Committee.

Having less than 12,000 inhabitants, Boxford cannot adopt a city form of government. Instead, all the participants of the Town of Boxford of voting age are given the opportunity to decide essentially all the matters regarding the running of the town through a Town Meeting . Moreover, through design of the town founders and selectmen of the town through the years, Boxford has maintained itself as a 'simple to run' town. By this is meant that many of the issues larger cities have to grapple with achieve levels of complexity far beyond those which predominate in Boxford. This simplicity is part of the character of the town.

Current Focus The BPS is currently focused on issues related to noise in the town of Boxford. Other towns in the Commonwealth have dealt with similar issues and their approaches to mitigating noise are being considered.

Upcoming Events

Boxford Town Meeting (see Boxford web page)

Previous efforts supported by the BPS

Contact us at boxfordpreservationsociety at gmail dot com.

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